Starting June
Starting June

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OK, make that July!

Gaaaaah! Ok I'll admit, I calculated that WAY wrong when I said June! Woohoo! lol

Assignments from uni ate my creative spirit, and I've been dealing with other things in that big thing called the real world too... Plus birthday was a lil' more eventful then I thought it would've been lol So all in all, I kinda shut down after uni for a bit, life issues and general lazy batteries-went-bye bye-ness lol

That said! ... *holds up folder* Pages! Coming! They would be ten times faster if I could get over the dreaded sense of inking each time LOL orz ... Yes I still want to do traditional inking, so sssh! X3

Bare with me for a tiiiiiiiiiny bit longer! The intro is approx. 15 pages long (that's if I don't move a few panels in the last few pages, still debating on pace x3x), and I want to upload that in bulk before easing into the weekly update of chapters ^^

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shoujo, slice of life, drama, romance, comedy
Contains small amount of shonen-ai, nothing explict!



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